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Ertebat is the most reliable voice and data network in Afghanistan. Ertebat now provides prepaid direct fiber optics phone service for customers calling Afghanistan from around the world.


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Ertebat Phone Card - for calls to Afghanistan from the U.S.A.
 Card Value QTY  
$5.00 Ertebat (U.S.A.) phone card
$5.00 USD
(tax included)
$10.00 Ertebat (U.S.A.) phone card
$10.00 USD
(tax included)

Ertebat Calling Card - for calls to Afghanistan from Canada
 Card Value QTY  
$5.00 Ertebat (Canada) phone card
$5.00 USD

Ertebat Phone Card - for calls to Afghanistan from Europe
 Card Value QTY  
$6.50 Ertebat (Europe) phone card
$6.50 USD
(tax included)

Ertebat Prepaid Card - for calls to Afghanistan from U.K.
 Card Value QTY  
$7.50 Ertebat (UK) phone card
$7.50 USD
(tax included)

Access Number for all of the United States: 1-800-528-9035 (free)

Access Numbers for calls from Canada:

City Number   City Number
Toronto 647-427-0394   Montreal 514-227-6497
Abbotsford 604-755-3301   Barrie 705-721-3013
Calgary 403-313-6817   Edmonton 780-665-0946
Guelph 519-341-0029   Halifax 902-405-8293
Hamilton 905-296-4959   Kingston 613-887-8162
Kitchener 519-342-3970   London 519-913-4553
Montreal 514-227-6497   Oshawa 905-448-1668
Ottawa 613-216-1303   Quebec 418-210-4015
Sarnia 519-479-0040   St. Catharines 905-228-7088
Sydney 902-270-5573   Toronto 647-427-0394
Vancouver 604-484-2341   Whistler 604-966-3884
  Rest of Canada  
extra charge applies
      Customer Service: 1-888-378-1123

U.S. and Canada cutomer service: 1-888-378-1123


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Connecting Afghanistan

  • For calls to Afghan Wireless (070) numbers you will receive up to 29 minutes per $5 in North America and up to 52 minutes in Europe.
  • For calls to other networks $5 Ertebat delivers 20 minutes.
  • Unlike other prepaid phone cards Ertebat delivers all advertized minutes. The rate you see is the rate you pay. The only one time fee is $0.79 charged after the first day of use if card is not used completely.

About ATI / Ertebat:

  • Our Service provider is ATI / Ertebat:
    440 Market Street Elmwood Park, NJ 07407 Telephone: +1 201 773-0455
  • ATI / Ertebat provides customers around the world affordable, easy-to-use Prepaid Phone Cards for calls to Afghanistan. By utilizing innovative business strategies and advanced technologies such as Fiber Optics, Ertebat provides its customers low rates and excellent connection quality worldwide. Ertebat Prepaid Phone Cards are an exceptional solution for affordable long-distance phone communication.

Contact Us:

  • For all Ertebat phone card service related problems or questions please call Ertebat customer service directly at 1-888-ERT-1123 (USA and Canada).
    For UK and Europe please check customer service number for your area in the list of access numbers for your card.
  • The Ertebat Team is committed to provide customers with unmatched customer service. For your convenience, skilled bi-lingual Farsi speaking representatives are ready to assist you. We value our customers and work together to meet your expectations.
  • This web site is operated by official Ertebat online representative - North America Phone Cards. For all web site related questions or for problems related to Billing or Order email delivery please contact web site support at support@northamericaphonecards.com